Technical The importance of a decent starter motor!

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Technical The importance of a decent starter motor!


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Mar 13, 2023
After just over 2 years of owning my Sedici, I’ve finally got it to a stage where it’s reliable enough to use every day! It recently went to a local diesel specialist as I was at a loss with the poor cold start issue (common it appears on the 1.9 Multijet engine). Anyway they diagnosed it as a lazy starter motor, although to listen too, it didn’t sound any slower than most cars. I was a bit reluctant as i’d already swapped the starter once before for a used one thinking that would solve it but obviously it didn’t! So after there diagnosis and people on this forum saying the 1.9 Multijet was fussy on cranking speed I took the plunge and purchased a BRAND NEW Napa starter motor. For the second time I spent half a day bending myself into silly positions, and cutting my hands to ribbons down the back of the engine, but eventually I got there! On turning the key when completed I wasn’t expecting a vast difference tbh but how wrong I could be, it wizzed over so fast I thought it was going to take off, and she fired up! So the moral of the story is…….before swapping Glow plugs…..Injectors…..and god knows what else, remember this phrase MULTIJETS ARE VERY FUSSY ON CRANKING SPEED 🤣 It’s only taken me just over 2 years to get to this stage 😁 On the plus side it’s passed it’s MOT today so at least i’ve got a chance to get some use out of it now!
When my starter was playing up (symptoms of being sluggish) I tried to get a new voltage reglator (which usually come with new brushes) but identifying the exact one was nigh on impossible.
So I too bought a new one, didn't make any difference, (turned out to be the intelligent battery sensor on negative battery terminal) so as far as I'm concerned I've got a spare starter motor sitting on the spares shelf.