The Great Global Warming Swindle

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Apr 3, 2007
If there's not much on telly and you've got an hour spare it's well worth watching

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Makes you feel much less guilty for driving a huge 'gas guzzling' Fiat.
it's not, it actually addresses and answers questions. unlike most hippys with their "ban the car" attitude, who just say "global warming is bad, and is happening cos of cars.. because the papers says so"

Not just hippies... middle-class Guardian readers and tedious Londonites also spout the same s**te ;)

Still, when has common sense ever been fashionable? :spin: :dead:
i saw this on c4 and it made a lot of good arguments against the garbage that is spouted about the fact the planet is changing and that carbon has every thing to do with it ( which they show in this is rubbish)
but like they say in this the is so much money being throw at this one small area of science that they will say what every will keep the money coming in and the ones who DO have a good look at it are cut off from grants etc
Saw it on ch4 around easter, must admt im very skeptical over global warming being manmade. I'm of the opnion it's a conveneint bandwagon, but also, oil etc have finite reserves, so lets just be sensible with what we use, it will run out one day. If the politicians etc used the reasoning of 'lets use our resources sensibly' rather than 'we are killing the planet' , i would have far more respect.

years ago, think it was in the 1930's maybe, smoking was promoted as being good for you, we consider that bizarre now, to put it mildly,I think our grandkids will look on the view that CO2 causes global warming just as bizarre.

I thought the ch4 prog was slightly biased, but a lot of the arguments hit a chord with me, tying in with my views.
Ah, you must be talking about 'car hater' Ken Lingstone ;)

Plus has anyone noticed how the way most Governments deal with the alleged 'climate change' is to tax us more. Strange that...

i love the way ken sees cars that run on LPG. the LPG tanks shift them out of phase with the rest of us lot, meaning that the car doens't add to congestion - hence being execpt from the congestion charge.
something they couldnt have introduced it as, but it's fine to start out as a 'congestion charge' and then slowly change it to an emissions tax.

we already have tax based on emissions
i think the next big ecotax will be rubbish collection, and the irony will be millions of people burning rubbish in their gardens and fly tipping so the net effect is damage to the environment and increased costs to the state. i've already picked my flytipping spot, its perfect for a weekly dumping of all my rubbish.

remember fly tipping fans, never tip anything with your name or any other personal details on. fraud is paid for by banks but a flytipping fine is not, although i'm sure the occasional fine will still be cheaper than having all your rubbish collected.