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General The Challenge Begins :- Uno Turbo Engine Cinq....


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Dec 30, 2005
Right i have final got around to starting this project now.
I have had my Uno turbo for around 12 months sat away collecting dust, just had no time to start the conversion (reason for braking uno is rust).
In that 12 months i got myself a 900cc Cinquecento.

So keep reading about this conversion costing anything from 4k and have also read another one for 13k.

I am doing the conversion between me and my mate, we are both mechanics, can both do metal fabrication, both highly skilled welders etc
So all labour and work will be free.

I will be keeping note off the cost of the full conversion which i will show at the end AS i want to sell a few bits along the way to help for bits along the way :p

So the project starts (y)

Took the engine out off the Uno tonight which all went well, only thing i can found is Uno is hydraulic clutch and cinq is cable. SO will see if i can find arm for box in the scrappers or will just make the cinq hydraulic.
Wiring dosent look to bad aswell, from what i can see only 3-4 wires join into the car loom which make the engine run, the rest i found which join into the car loom are for dash etc. Going to double check tomoz when i remove the Uno dash to follow all wiring into car.

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Interesting thread MAJOR problem though ;) have the parts but no pics :p ......they are what make a REAL interesting thread, make sure you include plenty (y)

My thread (sig) turned into quite a long thread and I'm sure helped a few people out and gave a few ideas (y)

Your right mate, i have done 100's of conversion.
As said i have a 800bhp+ twin engine corsa also a 3lt V6 Corsa.

Will be a interesting conversion BUT i am sure i can it to work.
If somone else has already done it then it can not be that hard.......

Update -
Uno is fully stripped and ready to go to the crushers. Will be gone over the weekend so i can move the cinquecento into its place then get cracking.

found a few photos of some lad who started theres, found a photo of how much to cut away from the inner chas leg looks like a bit BUT i am sure i can tube up the secton so it should be ok.

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Small Update.

Cinquecento is in the workshop and work has started.
Taken the engine out of the cinquecento which all went well.
What i found out and info which may help other people.

Wiring on the Cinq looks simple, abit like the Uno, we have 5 wires with join the engine from looking at pin dates they are Live,Earth, 2 Immobiliser wires (which are not needed) and a single wire which go's to a relay (havent found out what the relays do as yet)
Other things i have found which need sorted are the gear shift, Uno engine is on Rod shift and Cinq is on cable.
The 2 gearbox mounts look like they can be adapted to take the uno engine.

Photos will begin this week, as i dident think people really wanted to see the engines being taken out.

Just got aswell for the car 2 x magnum bucket seats, 8lt front mount intercooler and i found an old NOS kit which i have lying around my garage at home.

Should be fun


well engine is in the bay with all cutting mods done.
Started to make the rear engine mount and worked out how to make the other 2.
Cutting mods are as we all know the drivers side leg (Photos to follow). you need to open up the box section (no need to remove it all) and the cut about 2-3" gap out so the standard Uno mount will slot in. Also remove Battery tray.
you also need to bang down a lip on the passenger side there the chassie rails meet the front arms, as you need the box to fit further back (only a 1-2")
Front gearbox one looks like i can use another rubber which came off the rear of the standard cinq (as its shollow) an make a small triangle braket.
Rear Gearbox mount looks like i can use the standard Uno rear gearbox and extend is which works out around 3" .
Other things i have found the Uno box is hydraulic BUT its only a hydraulic system with moves the arm rather than a release baring. I removed all the hydraulic mounts from around the top of the box and all the parts there are for cable. I can eather weld a new section on the Clutch arm OR find on it a scrap yard as it just unclips.
Now the engine is in the bay i can see i may have to mod/cut some of the slam panel out as the dizzy cap is very close but more of a update when the engine is fully bolted in.

Photos will be 100% tomoz boys and girls.
Had a go with a mates phone but the photos came out bad and you can not see anything.

Well as said i got some photos.
not done much work over the last day or so, as my Volvo T5 broke down to been fixing that.

Heres a few.
Engine in the bay an where is will sit give or take alittle

You can see how close it sits to the chassie leg, the photo is taken before cutting the 2-3" section for the mount, you can just see 2 small black line where i marked ready for cutting

Where the dizzy sits which is very close to the slam panel

More to come