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Styling the body phase has begun

Mar 5, 2007
well this weekend i had nothing to do, and ive had debadging the bonnet boot and smoothing the bumpers on my mind for ages, so i finally got round to doing something

i only had time to do the bonnet and start the front bumper, paints a bit poo but then again it doesnt matter too much as ive gotta finish it all off and re-spray in black as i didnt have any so i thought i would use white, also i didnt mix enough fiberglass/bodyfiller mix up so there are patches missing and wasnt enough to smooth where it was cut out what do people think?


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ahhhh im scared now i not been too school for ages:confused:

but no i dont live at school

@dpallot no wasnt hard to smooth the bonnet, all it took was fiberglass filler stuff and instead of doing the sanding by hand i used some flat sander thingy
cheers gaz, i did do the last of the bonnet by hand but cba with the bumpers as i knew i needed another few layers on, just it was getting cold and i had cramp from doing it as had 2 use the floor due to the garage being full atm cheers(y)
well today i got alot more done, practically finished the front bumper just need a tad more sanding/bodyfiller or fiberglass where its been cut, took the rear bumper off and the bumpstrips out, started filling them up with fiberglass bodyfiller mix, but then ran out completely of both, started on the boot too, took the lock and the wiperarm/motor out, made the extra bit of metal where the lock was flat, ill try and get some pics tomorrow, unless i get some more fiberglass then ill be working on it so will probably forget, but ill try.
I'm after the bumper meshing on my cinq, but i'm no good with bodywork :(

So, will be looking at paying somewhere a kings ransom no doubt.
Got my Wipac's to fit first.

lol fair enough thats the first time i have ever used an angle grinder and it didnt come out too bad, but i did have someone watching over me who had used it before (it was his) so he looked over just 2 check i didnt kill myself with it:rolleyes: