The Biggest Cinquecento Meet Ever!!!

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The Biggest Cinquecento Meet Ever!!!

Oct 4, 2005
Luton, Bedfordshire
Hi Guys, I was thinking of organising a Cinquecento meeting in the summer, and my Dad came up with a great idea. So because Cinquecento means 500, I would like to propose for the Summer, that we can get 500 (or more) Cinquecentos to meet up in one place in the Summer. I think its a brilliant idea and maybe we can tie it in with a track day or something. I know its a big project and I'm not even sure that Fiat Forum have 500 Cinquecento owners, but if some people would like to help out, word could get around.

So if anyone has any ideas, would like to help out or would just like to tell me that I'm mad and it can't be done, let me know.

By the way, have just sold the Red one and am buying my mates silver one next week, therefore rendering my screen name obsolete!!!
Its a very mad idea.

Personally Id recommend joining Clubcento and trying to cajole the club into linking up with the greek and polish counterparts - there is usually a massive (eg: 1000-2000 centos) meet in Poland or Germany each year I think.
Go go big cinq event :D


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Ok let me get this right. . . . .

You want to get 500 (or more) :eek: Cinquecentos to meet up in one place this Summer? ? ? ?

Sounds like a tall order to me,
BUT . . . Lets cut to the chase, I'll go so thats 1, only 499 more to go :D
496 :D how about we make it stanford and over run the place with cinqs :D

Im sure it could be done, or atleast get a massive number anyway.. i think 500 is a little bit too much, it would be bloody hard to find a location to fit em all!

but a huge cento event would be superb, like the stuff you see going on on the continent.

get clubcento envolved too.. and theres alot of owners on here, get the word out all over the cruise forums and owners forums etc. could get a big big turnout, but itad need to be somewhere central so all owners would have a reasonable chance to make it.
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gaz_wrexham said:
is italfest running this year, possibly a stupidly large convoy over to there is called for

fill the ferry :D

Gaz...thats mint!!!

make it 495 :)
491! Maybe if you put an ad in Auto Italia and got in touch with all the UK fiat clubs like the Sporting Fiat club and the Fiat motor club? Could get flyers in Fiat garages (yeah, right!). What about the original Fiat 500 or is that cheatin?