Thank You And Fairwell

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Thank You And Fairwell


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Jan 23, 2006
Lutterworth Leicestershire
After Nearly 2 years its time for me to depart from my fiat, i am getting my new car tonight, but just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone on this forum for all your help,ideas,opinions,knowledge and guidence and also for keeping me ammused and entertained on a regular basis,also thank you for you curtesey and hospitality at events. Hopefully i'll get round to buying another fiat,however i have signed up with a another forum for my new car so will be spending more time on there. Also If I Sell My Fiat Through FF Then I Will Gladly Donate Some Money To FF To Repay You For Your Help

Thank You All

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you'll come back, they all do, its like cocaine, you think you're in control then one day you realise your bank account has been frozen and big dave has taken your tv.

what you getting tonight? is it that proton?
just coz you dont have a fiat doesnt mean you cant come on here, i dont have one at the moment either (well apart from a 98 punto S with no head, ECU, Wiper motor and various other parts) and i still come on here. regularly,

p.s Cinquecento For Sale In Classifieds

Oh and hope this thread isnt a cheap shot at promoting you for sale add.,;) lol.:D ,
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perhaps your right

could combine your new purchase and yearn to leave FF in one move :chin: