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General Test driving a Stilo tomorrow


popping out
Sep 24, 2005
Kirkby in Ashfield
I've booked a test drive in a 03 reg JTD 115BHP Stilo with 41k for £5500 tomorrow!

I can't wait, i'm gonna part chop my 51 reg Punto Go! with 34k and £3000 (hopefully).

anything I should look or listen for when test driving it? like power steering warning light?
When you get in it give it some welly, otherwise you will not feel what performance the car has to offer. Then imagine what it could be like with a re-map. Trust me it's phenomenal.

Apart from the airbag light I can't think of anything. That's seems a good price too. :)
Yeah, don't be worried about booting it on the test drive. I was having a chat with the salesman on my Stilo test drive just before Xmas, and we came to a mutual agreement that I wouldn't buy the car unless I was impressed with what it can do. So, it got a booting, I was impressed, and he got his commission ;)

Enjoy! :D
Ok just come back from the test drive and im still amazed at how brilliant the car was and as you probably guessed i've put a deposit down on it. they gave me £2200 for my punto (which isn't too bad) and he's knocked £150 off the price so I'm getting it for £5350.

which i think is an amazing price for a JTD dynamic registered in July 03. It still has the remainder of the warranty and AA cover.
and the ride was so smooth (compared to my punto).
I don't know what it's like in england but here in Spain only 1.8 and Abarth have traction control as standard, all the rest, even in dynamic trim have it as an option including the JTD and the JTD Mjet.
It apparently varies from country to country.

In Denmark, we have ASR/ESP on 3 of 4 trim levels (Active, Dynamic and Abarth), only the "cheap" trim level called Ciao doesn't have it(Ciao also misses the 2 side airbags in the seat).