Technical Tempra 1.9 TD: air conditioning/heater malfunction

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Technical Tempra 1.9 TD: air conditioning/heater malfunction


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Feb 7, 2006
I'ts being a year from now that my old (11years) fiat tempra TD1.9 it's getting more and more ill (I should change, when I can afford it). Now it's the turn of air conditioning (in heater mode): two days ago it was on and suddenly air went off for 1 or 2 seconds and it came on again. And after two hours switched on, air went off...til now. This morning I reached to switch it on again for 9-10 minutes, and after that, it went out again.The console has power, but no air, system makes no sound. Does it seems like the fan that pushes air has a bad contact, or mixture flap? (mechanic cause), or that is a fault on electric cause? air conditioning fuse is ok.It is not burned out and has good contacts. I cleaned it.
Theese days, in Spain it is cold. Without heater, fog appears all suddenly, and I have to open the window, at outside temperature of -3 ºC..I know i'ts good for my faces' skin, but not for my health..
1.Any one has had same problem?
2.Any clue on putting hands on?
by the way, i found a Porter Tempra/Tipo manual:
which i'm working on to find a clue..
thanks in advance,
As the fan, heater ressistance and hose mechanisms seems to work (because the air conditioning works every so often), an idea is to search for the temperature sensor in the frontal electronic pannel..:confused:
I took out all the plastic covers and reached the built-in temp sensor(?) (in front of driver's seat, at left hand from radio-cassete). Cilinder shaped, as big as a lighter.It is a cilinder with a fan, with 4 wires. 2 for the fan and 2 for the sensor? How could I check if sensor is ok? the fan works, as I noticed when I switched on master contact. Also I found a litle 2 wired sensor, simpler than the other mentioned (this one without a fan, nor cilinder shaped), in front of co-pilot seat, at right hand from radio-cassete, also suspicious of being temp sensor(?)...:eek:
any clue?
Finally I repaired the air conditioning/heater(y) :
It was a burned plastic connector (see atachment) that made bad contact, got hot because of sparks and burned out (risk of fire).
The repair is as simple as changing the plastic connector, taking care the new connector fits and plugs perfectly in its place. It was connected into a black box (see atachment) behind the fan, in fron of the co-pilot feets.
Asking in a garage for a reparation, I've been told to let the car 1 week and costs about 500€. No way, Jose!


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