Technical TDC sensor resistance (Marea 1.6 2001)

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Technical TDC sensor resistance (Marea 1.6 2001)


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Apr 29, 2013
I had a starting issue with my 1.6 Marea (2001) yesterday. It first refused to start but on the 4th attempt it finally started but also began to blink the engine warning light. Well, I did the pnonic wheel learing prosess, but this time the blinking changed to constant illumination. Last time I cleared the fault code (TDC sensor) before the learning prosess, so the blinking stopped at once.

Today I removed the sensor and measured the resistance. The coil resistance was 1220 ohms which is about the double the Haynes manual states. How come it could be that large?

Usually when a coil gets broken the copper wire snaps (infinite resistance) or gets shorted (below nominal resistance) but the resistance should never increase.

I cleaned the sensor and put it back. When I started the engine the warning light was gone.

Another thing: The Haynes manual says that the camshaft position sensor is only fitted to pre-1998 models. There is, however, a wire which connector is situated next to the that of the TDC sensor going to the timing belt cover. If it is not the camshaft position sensor wire, what could it be? Or is Haynes wrong?
Blinking faultlight is telling something bad enough to damage the engine is active and advices you to stop the engine.

Constant illumination is non-damaging fault.

Also why clean? Crank sensor is easy to replace and cheap on the 1.6, I carry spare one around in my brava for a reason.

The 98 update doesn't have cam sensor, knock sensor is on the same bunch of wires as the crank sensor, but it is on the side of the block. The 2000 update has it again.
Haynes wiring diagrams are compromise to fit it into the book.