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Technical td fuel pump


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Nov 29, 2005
hi all.

i have a 1.7td sx fiat punto (van version). i have already done some things on it, and currently i wanted to mess with the fuel injection pump to allow more to pass... i know there is a screw where i can open or close the flow of fuel, and another to tune the "relanti rpm"...

anyone has a picture (real is preferrable) of the pump to tell me wich ones i should mess with?
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well... i found a picture...


i marked 4 different screws that i can see, but i dont know which one does what... anyone knows?
well... nobody replyed... but just for information, nr. 1 screw adjusts the flow and nr 4 adjusts the "relanti"... ;)
No1 screw is the max fuel/guvenor screw. Wind it in for more power and out to reduce smoke emmissions, however proceed with caution! Never turn the screw by more than a quarter of a turn at a time. By winding the screw in you will deffinately invalidate any warranty, probably fail the diesel smoke test when it comes to MOT time, and reduce the life of the engine. Better than simply up the fueling, you would be better off advancing the pump ut a tad. It will make it a little noisier but will infact REDUCE the smoke emmissions, and wil give you better returns than increasing the fueling.