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Tamper Proof torx set

Apr 21, 2003
Right, I live in what is practically a prison, I can open the window about 10cm(???) - it's absurd. There's a chain fixed by a tamper proof screw. I have few tools with me at uni and none work on it and I have no facilities to make my own tool.

Does anybody have one of these:


That I could please borrow for a day or two - I would obviously pay your postage cost.

Just seems a waste to buy something for £5 when I only need it once and doubt I will ever have use of it again!

If so, I will get the measurement.

Thanks in advance

p.s I only want to open my window so I can clean it some how.
tut tut paul.tamperproof for a reason!

bloody students dont know there born,in my day we didnt have windows,go to the pictures for a pound and get a fish supper and a............................

if theres a chain, could you not just find the weak link and attempt to break/bend it apart :chin:

some kinda wedge, or depnding on the chain, some scissors so you could open them and force the rung to snap :confused:
Serin, I could, I have also made the weak part of the chain much weaker ;) BUT.....I will lose some of my deposit if I actually break it.

Custard, it's safety that I should be able to open my window! I honestly don't know if I would have been strong enough but I made it slightly weaker to break it out of force so I would have died of smoke inhalation in a fire! I only want to clean my window :( I expect my room will be roasting come the summer.
i would have thought there would at least have to be a fully opening window on the floor at least. just messin with you ;) couldnt live somewhere if i couldnt get the windows open as i likes me fresh air
how much would a lenght of chain cost?


when they mention it, give them the length of chain :p
I am 8 floors up so opening a little gets in enough fresh air. Serin, if i break the chain, there is no way of repacing it as it is still screwed down at each end.
I was in a 21-storey towerblock in halls. The windows were huge and opened right out, they used to be lethal. The warden said that the tallest ladder the Fire Brigade have in the county would only reach the 12th floor :eek: so they put on these chain things.

Of course there were two ways to get round them, use a small allen key in the "star" tamper proof screws, or use a random bikelock key to open the pathetic little locks on them.

By the way I thought you hated your uni halls, not to mention the people you lived with. So why did you go back into them the second year... wouldn't it have been better and also cheaper to find a private house
Maybe I haven't described this very well, I can't just unscrew the chain, a washer and anti-tamper screw goes through it.

You can only get halls in Manc in the 1st year, I am in a kind of private halls. I have tried allen keys and can't get the centre pin to budge (but made a mess of one of the centre pins a few weeks ago ;))
Just break one link of chain, if you repair it later with a bit of bent paperclip its highly unlikely anyone will notice. In first year we wrecked half the house (at one point I fell into a plasterboard wall when drunk and left a massive hole in it, which we hid with a poster ;) ) and didn't lose a penny of deposit! :D
If you have access to a pound shop they will have the very thing for you Paulie, otherwise PM me and I'll help you out.

THey have them Liam? That's great thanks I will go look when I am back in Nottm next weekend :)

JB: I considered breaking the chain and hiding it some way at a later date but it's one of the "points" on the room inspection sheet I filled in and it's not worth me losing £££ for cleaning my window lol.
Are they normal torx but twisted, can't see too well from the pics, do you have a pic of the offending screw? Have you tried a selction of plain screwdrivers?

could you not just get a torx, and drill a small hole in the head?
I only have 3 screw drivers on my leatherman :( None fit, here is a picture:

As you can see, not normal torx :( They have a pin down the middle and may even be an odd torx shape? I have nothing to compare with.


I see, some electrical manufacturers use these to put their components together like vaccums and stuff.

I'm sure I've used normal allen keys, Torx and screwdrivers to remove these before.


EDIT: You tried the pliers on the leatherman to grip it to unsrew it?