Take a V6 Engine... Add supercharger...

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Take a V6 Engine... Add supercharger...

cinqysxmk2 said:

he's a really irresponsible driver driving like that in a 30 limit.
My thoughts exactly mate, very cool car but not such a cool driver, there was even traffic calming on that one road, must be there for a reason.
i dont like that is french, i dont like that is a renult, i less like it because its a clio! i dont like the engines in the rear, i dont like the gearstick, i dont like the horrible noise it makes, i dont like the driver, and i dont like the fact it seems to max out at about 60mph...

however itt seems to accelerate pretty quick, but the guys still a knobhead (n)
well I love the car, apart from the stickers, I would have gone for all over blackboard matt black, with a real carbon bonnet, front adjustable valance etc.

BUT he does have some respect for the car, just not anybody else.

I've seen so many of these vids with people driving like tossers in built up areas, really deserve to get caught by police as they are a direct danger to pedestrians cyclists other road users etc.

However out on a B road bumming around some mountain pass in cumbria (lakedistrict) would make a much better video, THAT and it would be safer (other than sheep, and associated sheep sht, very slippy) and it would show their driving skills up nicely.

I love superchargers, esp this one:yum:

i still dream about that HOWL
hmmm, straight line driver....

We all love those in our cars that have half the power but seem to be there stuck to their back bumper in all the corners....
Somebody get that guy a girlfriend, quick:devil: You know what they say about idle hands.

Not the brightest type on the planet - break the speed limit, video it, post it on the internet for all to find with number plate on show, Doh!

Besides it sounds distinctly shagged.
Total complete SHED on wheels.
Sounded like a bag of bolts and doesn't seem very quick for that matter.
My JTD will break the speed limit just like the next car. You have to be a complete tuppence to spend that sort of money to get a car that's so noisy, has no back seats and only goes as fast as the Zafira in front.

What a toot!
dont seem that quick 2 me, seen a standed 1 at santa pod last year, recken my old bravo hgt was as quick (well in my tiny mind anyway) 2.0l 20v 5pot sounds well better than that:slayer:
Haven't heard it (not wise to have the sound on at work ;) ), but it looks a bit of a shed, and it doesn't look that fast really. (n)
I think a big percentage of these videos filmed in built up areas is either down to lazyness or because the fixed objects in the built up areas give the impression of speed better than out in the country.

This doesn't excuse the behaviour though.