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Technical tach installing


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Nov 25, 2003
I want to install a tach on my Tipo 1.4 i.e but I don't know where can I get the signal for it. Does anybody know how can I do it?
Thank you.
The signal cable should be connected to the coil wire...tacho needs an inductive signal:)!
It depends on what modal you have. On pre 94 modals you simply just need to conect a wire to the brown LT wire closest to the grille on the coil. On later modals theres a conector at the back of the engine compartment behind a black plastic cover which covers the manifold heater relays and fuses. The conector has three wires coming in (blue, blue/white and brown/white) and two going out (blue, blue/white) The third wire (brown/white) is you thachometer wire.

This is all from memory but i used to work for FIAT and i have converted many standard dashboards to digital ones.

Good luck! E mail me at [email protected] if you have any trouble.
well i was redirected here to post my problem;)))so i have problem with my tachometer...i`m driving tipo 1,9TDI and the instroment panel is all digital everything works fine but the tacho just don`t work...actually i haven`t seen it working since i bought the car it wasn`t working then too.So my question is from where this tacho takes impulse to work i found that the speedometer takes from the gear box but i just can`t find the tacho...friends told me that it takes signal from the alternatore or whatever it is called in english;))but i could not find the wires actually i saw two wires one for battery and the other from the battery to the alternatore:bang: ;))so any one can help me?:)):confused:

Transcendental : you are directing him to an answer relating to a petrol tachometer when he is asking about a DIESEL.

Not exactly relevant?
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