Tuning T jet dump valve question


New member
Feb 12, 2020
Well lads, I have a 1.4 t jet punto 2008, I’ve been using the cheat “dump valve” since I’ve had the car but have recently got it mapped and now running higher boost so got my self a dump valve to handle the extra pressure and for more noise. Going through the forum I see a lot of people mentioning Bailey and forge dump valves with extra wiring to make them work. Question is what is this extra wiring for, I got a cheap bov just to test the water it’s was only 40 quid very basic unit. I was planning to leave the stranded recirc valve plugged in and just install the dump and see how it is, will I encounter any problems doing this. I have scoured the forum and haven’t found much in the way of a answer. Thanks lads [emoji106][emoji106]