switching android phones, how... its been a few years

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switching android phones, how... its been a few years


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Dec 10, 2006
wilmslow, cheshire
I want to move from an oldish LG android phone to a slightly newer Nokia

its been a few years since I switched phones, and am not sure how to export and import my stuff from one to the other

tips please!
Make sure everything is backed up to your Google account.
Contacts and photos seem to do that automatically, but strangely, call log and messages do not, you needa separate app for that. I use one called "SMS Backup & Restore", but there are others in the Play Store.

Install the backup app, go through it and select all that you want backed up, let it do its thing.

When you get the new phone, log in using the existing Google account details. The contacts and photos will restore automatically, sometime soon after setup. Go to the Play store and select 'My Apps & games', and and then 'Library'. Thsi should give a list of all the apps you've ever had, in sections of installed, and 'not on this device'. You can then install all that you wish to continue with, including the backup app.

Once the backup app is installed, you can run it and restore your messages and call logs, and anything else you included.

I'm stunned that I could recall that, but did have a steep learning curve with this. I suggest you also have a google search for this stuff and have a read of others advice, it's where I got it from when I needed it. And I might have missed something.

If you connect your phone to your car via bluetooth, you might encounter a problem. Latest bluetooth program is is 1.4, which is not fully backwards compatible with 1.3.
My 2015 Fabia is of course 1.3. The new phone would connect, take calls, and make calls via the car screen, but would not download the contacts, or call log. Android does contain the old 1.3, and can be set back to this. This will of course lose any newer features in the later version, but I've no idea what those are, as I have no use for other connectivity in the car.

If you need to revert to 1.3, do some research on the net.
I found an instruction to:
In Settings, go to system, and once there, repeatedly tap the screen, (and it took a lot) until it enters 'developer mode'. This opens up lots of options, most of which I did not understand, or care about, but the important one was bluetooth, where I could select 1.3.
Android is developed by Google so may as well get the Google phone. It does everything the others do for less money.