Technical swapping uno 1.4T into 55s need help

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Technical swapping uno 1.4T into 55s need help


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Jan 15, 2006
hello i have a 55s and a uno 1.4 turbo engine is there any major work that needs to be done to fit the new engine into my car? are the engine mounts the same? front axles? etc any help would be appreciated. do the cv joints fit?

p.s. do the clips on the uno wiring loom fit str8 onto the fiat punto?? (lights, indicators, key barrel etc??)

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in a word. no.

wiring is different and the mounts are different AFAIK.

better off with a Punto GT engine. thats goes straight in, piece of cake.

you will need GT driveshafts/hubs too. they are totally different to the 55.

there is a guy who has just posted who looks to be swapping GT2 and GT3 engines/bodies about, could get the engine which is scrapping/selling on, as he might just leep GT2 body as a parts donor.

And if that happens i would be interest in the uno plant for a turbo panda project car!!
IIRC the gt engine can be dropped in an uno fairly easilybut its not so easy the other way round.IIRC theres a casting on the block thats different meaning custom engine mountings would be needed at least
hello i have the engine, front axle, back axle, gearbox, driveshafts, full wiring loom, everything to get it going, what did you mean when you said there is a different casting on the engine?? and who is the guy with the gt engines??

i paid £200 for the engine and everything else, do you know of ne1 to make the mounts??