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Technical Sump


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Oct 2, 2007
a freind has a big hole in his sump on an old 1996 punto, unsure of the model but are sumps easy enough to fit with a socket set.

Also should i use gasket sealer on it?
Yes they are easy to fit...though you will need a decent length extension bar to rech some of the nuts.
You WILL need sealant as the punto sump doesn't have a gasket...just a smegload of sealant round the join.
You will also need to remove the exhaust manifold to give yourself room to get the sump it may be worth soaking those bolts in WD40 a day or 2 rior to sump replacement.
give new sump a few coats of hammerite before fitting to stop it going the same as old one

i put 10 coats on mine

you would be wise to get the glue from a fiat dealer they will stock the stuff

shop for parts has some loctite here

but I can tell you the stuff fiat have is the best I have used

make sure you cut the end of the tube vertically so your line of glue stands proud about 8mm just to make sure it gets a seal all round as the sumps are not a perfect fit

make sure the block surface is niceand clean you'll need a razor blade and lots of fine sandpaper

4 of the bolts holding the sump at either end go into aluminium so be careful not to strip these
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Quite far away the dealers, what shall i ask for at a car spare shop?

will halfords do it?
Thanks Dave, appreciate the help. I have a vast knowledge of cars but dont want to bugger something up like the sump, dont want him doing 70 down the motorway and the sump drops off, or leaks oil. Allways best to ask :)
Yer was looking for a silicone type tube, makes applying it much easyer, il have a drive round some motor factors tomorrow. Just got my new tool box to, so i can put it to some use :)