Technical Suggestions for Wireless music via mobile phone?


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Aug 10, 2021
Hi there, my mum has recently purchased a Grande Punto 2009 model and I was wondering what your guys experience is regarding wireless music playback. Ideally, I'd like to be able to play music from Spotify via my phone. I've seen this aux adapter on amazon: (can't post links yet)

"AUX Cable for Fiat Grande Punto, 3.5mm Jack Aux IN Gold Plated Input Adapter Lead Cable + 2 Radio Keys for iPhone iPod MP3 Mobile phones"

However, the reviews suggest it has varying degrees of success. I want to avoid FM transmitters as the audio quality hasn't been great in my experience with a lot of static, so would really appreciate any suggestions you guys have! :) Also I know pretty much nothing about cars so would appreciate answers to be dumbed down :worship:


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May 16, 2020
For the best audio quality i'd just buy that cheap aux adapter. In spotify or phone settings, disable equalizer and only use radio eq settings.

I'm afraid that for wireless bluetooth audio you'd still need to buy that aux cable in an order to be able to connect a bluetooth audio receiver device to aux. Low quality bluetooth receiver creates a static noise too.

Most simple way would be to buy a good quality FM transmitter and use a channel that does not have interference. I bought a cheap chinese one which does have sd card reader, bluetooth, fm transmitter and I'm very happy with it. Yes there are ones that can receive bluetooth audio and transmit it via FM channel. I've only played mp3 with it so I can't really tell if two wireless connections would worsen the audio quality. I suspect that it'd just do that.

There are FM transmitters that have aux connection - so basically that may be a good choice for you if you do not want to mess with the car radio.


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Jun 19, 2014
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I use one of the aux cables, and it works fine although there is a quirk that you have to have a USB stick plugged into the port in the glovebox. The USB stick has one mp3 on it that is just silence (downloaded off here).

It's one like this:

But obviously that's not wireless, you have to plug the headphone jack into your phone. Perhaps pairing it with something like this would work though -


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Nov 18, 2007
Aftermarket headunits are cheap, especially mechless ones (ie. without a CD player), the adaptor kit for the Grande is also cheap