Sub, Amp and a factory fitted head unit

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Sub, Amp and a factory fitted head unit

Tris Harris

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Jul 2, 2007
I know this is a long shot but is there any way of wiring an amp into the factory fitted head unit in a mk2 punto? Its the one with the CD Player. . . The reason i don't want an aftermarket headunit is that i really like how it fits the dash. Any advice appreciated.

I can get a pic of the head unit if this helps aswell
it was a gift from a few of my mates for my birthday so i didn't really get a say, would it connect to the factory fit head unit though?
yep, ya can do it, you need an RCA adapter. this is just a piece of wire with female RCAs on the end of it and you wire it onto your existing speaker wires, there shoud be a ground wire aswell and then you just wire up your amp and connect it to the head unit as you would any other stereo, if you need to wire a remote wire then tap that into the orange (as far as i remember) in the stereo wires, if you dont have an accessory positive that turns off when you remove the key you can add the wire into the ignition harness.,
Thats great thanks alot, i really didn't want to have to get an aftermarket one.

Will i lose power by doing it this way though?
Right ive jus had it all wired up.

It sounds ****e. No more power than the factory fit sub.

The guy that fit it said hes used RCA connectors and a low pass filter but its reacting with the factory fit sub as everything is wired into it. He took the fuse out of the factory sub and it was still crap. It is working but just no where near 1200W which is what it is rated at.

He says get a new headunit. Really don't want to as they don't look as good as standard but i suppose im going to have to if i want power. Anyone got pics of a decent aftermarket headunit? Thinking of one with a motorised screen so that it covers up most of the fascia plate. What are the cheap ones from ebay like? Don't have a large budget unfortunately looking at 200 quid max really. Any recomendations?
£200 is quite a lot for a headunit what setup is it that you have got has the guy wired a whole new wiring kit in because it sounds a bit like he's tapped of the standard sub but that could be me getting the wrong end of the stick. 1200 Watts wont be a true value its RMS will be much lower.
Some pics and info on the current setup would be good as i do know what you mean about liking the standard Headunit and theres no reason why it shouldnt work. I have met plenty of (so called) proffessionals who havnt got a clue what they are doing. I hav'nt even touched the Tip of the ICEberg (excuse the pun) when it comes to audio design but people who seem to know a lot less try to make money because they know how to get through the bulk head and can attach an amp to the back seat.
In short I belive he has done a s**t job.
Right, when i took it in, i gave him my sub (inphase 1200W), Amp (sony xplode) and 1000W wiring kit. Hes wired the amp under the passenger seat and all the leads go under the carpet.

He said hes patched into the rear speakers using RCA connectors and a low pass filter.

He also said that everthing from the headunit is wired into the factory fit sub which kinda confused me and even if you tak the fuse out of it, it still sounds naff.

What i meant by liking the headunit is that i like the way it looks in the dash board. = i had an aftermarket head unit in my old punto with a fascia adaptor and i thought it looked naff (n)

I'll get some pics tommorow as its a bit dark now. Cheers (y)
i wouldnt buy another stereo, it sounds to me that he made a boll*x of fitting it in, either tell him to do it properly or dont pay him.,
yeah get some and we might be able to help., solving wiring problems is always difficult iver the internet, it could be a million and 1 different things.,
I stand corrected on my last comment that should be a pretty good souning set up. Those subs should take 600 watts RMS (thats what they state anyway) and even if it is slightly over rated those subs are pretty good sounding. Now the wiring seems to be the problem. Without quite understanding exactly what the guy has done i would say.
A. The high level inputs are causing the lack of quality
B. The gain is set wrong i feel that he hasnt accounted for the high level input.
C. He hasnt wired the sub in at 2 ohms (if believe that ot a dual 4 ohm sub) and in my experience those subs dont sound so good at 4 ohms i dont know why that would make a difference to Sound Quality.
Right i finally have som pics but unfortunately all of the wiring is under the carpet so i can't see what hes done. . .
The amp:

The sub:

and the headunit:

what i have noticed is that the sub only kicks in at certain times and not as much as it should its as if its guessing what the low level stuff are?
sorry about not getting pics of the wiring :(