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Aug 19, 2007
Hi Guys,

Right, my punto needs some work doing to it..
Im working to a budget of around £300 a month that i can spend on it.

I have a black mk1 55s 1.1 wich is ideal for guernsey..

All my ice is sorted and ive stuck a k&n filter on for good measure..

Im really looking for some advice and prices on what to do first and generally anything that people have had problems with.

I want a full body kit fitted / lowered and i will be replacing the stock front lights with black projectors.
Each month i just want to be adding.. What would you all do first?

cheap mods

- led sidelights
- led interior light
- gearknob


but plan budget carefully!
Well here is a list of the mods i would like to do..

Replace stock lights for projector/angel eyes.
Full body kit possibly the combay kit.
Lower by 60mm.
Window tint.
Possibly angry bonet.
Possibly smooth boot and/or de-locked.

Have ordered light tint, just waiting for that to arrive..
(btw anyone know if you can do the front indicators with this (not repeaters)

Like i said im really looking for some advice on what to go for and what to start with..
Each month i can shell out about £300 on getting it all done.

The chasis is fine and because theres no MOT over here i can keep it going as long as it keeps turing the wheels..

So basicly i can get away with anything with it ha..

Anyone been wanting to do mods but stopped by MOT?

Pictures below.




Im going to tint the repeators and tail lights..

Thing is with alloys, it just seems unessecary?
Doesnt add really that much to the look of a car unless you shell out mega amounts of money..
Plus spacing confuses me, as well means getting new tyres fitted wich is also a fortune..

Forgot, also have a colour coded interior wich is pictured below.

Alloys make or break the car! Should be your first stop for improving the looks. Seems like you have some wierd hubcaps or something on there atm? Nice set of wheels will completely transform the look of it, and if you're going for full bodykit (not combat, please god :yuck: ) it'll look pretty stupid with those still on there. Do a bit of research, find out about tyre sizes and spacers and all that junk, and buy yourself a set.

I would recommend the original Fiat optional extra wheels seen on some Sportings (and cinquepunto's car). Look very nice and you wont have to faff about with spacers or wobbly bolts because they're designed for the car. (y)
Thing is with alloys on guernsey, you do a lot of curb mounting.. and i mean a LOT!.. Most roads in guernsey are about 10ft wide..
You would be hard pushed to find a car without a decent chip in the passenger side front wheel.
Its a thought but alloys just seem the most expensive thing to get for a car, then to have tyer's fitted afterwards..
Might head down to the scrappies and see what i can find ha!
Buy a respectable looking set of 14s\15s as opposed to 16s or 17s. They aren't so expensive and can still look good.

You would also be less likely to kerb or damage them as there is more tyre to come into contact with the kerb.