Technical STOP Braking system faulty

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Technical STOP Braking system faulty


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Oct 4, 2019
STOP Braking system faulty
Hello, do anybody know what this mean?
Car won't start. Rear braking lights lightining after turn key on. Front light and signposts are not working.
Thank you wery much.
Find it.
It was fuse F4 in dashboard fuse box.
It is for : Headlight aiming device, diagnostic socket ESP control unit ventilation, particulate filter pump, steering sensor
I don t know why but is repeating.
The fuse F4 is again burned, but now when I put new they burned after insert again.
Car dont wont start.
Have any idea?
Did anyone find a solution to this? I have the exact same problem
Mine just wouldn't start one day, It says braking system faulty
and the rear braking lights come on when I turn the key on
Hi, I seem to be facing the exact same problem. Have been struggling with it on and off for a week or so but no luck, so far. Did you find any solution?
Hi, I seem to be facing the exact same problem. Have been struggling with it on and off for a week or so but no luck, so far. Did you find any solution?
I never found a solution and was forced to scrap the car in the end, it had only done 75k miles
Sad to hear it didnt work out.

Maybe I should add. In my case, I went to work, picked kids up from school on friday, the car was working fine. Came out next morning to go and do some extra hours at work. Car wouldnt start. STOP light in red on dashboard and ”Braking system faulty” on display, after a few seconds followed by ”Airbag or pretensioner seat belt faulty”. Been charging battery over night (2 months old) been checking fuses and the grounding points I could find. I cleaned the bracket where the minus cable from the battery is grounded onto the chassi and noticed that cable looked a bit rusty/corroded but seemed minor. Been trying to check for codes with a ELM327 but it cannot connect to ECU. Dont know if this i a common problem with fiat or not but the ELM is working fine on three other cars I tried. Two Volvos and a KIA.
Anyway I’ll keep posting info on how its going with mine in case someone else might find it usefull. Sunday evening, after an hour or so with alot of rain, there was a squeeking sound from the engine compartment. It wouldnt stop until I took the battery-plus off. I’ve narrowed it down to it being the washer fluid pump going constantly. Something obviously happened or ”got contact” as the humidity increased outdoors. My mechanic couldnt get his computer connected to the ECU either so he will look further into that component to start with. As we cannot get any codes its hard to know where to begin if I was to do it myself.
I'd start with cleaning checking and reinserting all the fuses and main power connectors

The fact you can can't to any of the ECUs sounds likes something important has lost power or computer/can lines between different computers have lost connection

Check the wiring loom for any visible damage
Any sign of corrosion on any of the pins or bare copper showing on the cables especially the abs and or airbag ECUs

Is there power the the brake light switch brake fluid sensor in the resivour

Check cables going to the abs sensor's and pad warning sensor for damage
I’ve checked all fuses, replaced the one’s that had even the slightest corroded connections. Checked connectors and earth on multiple places.

I had the front left wheel off some time back. And the first thing I noticed, taking the wheel off, was that the cable to that pad sensor was cut in two. I never considered this to be enough to cause this kind of problem. But I stripped the wires off and put them together to see if anything would change for the better if they would get contact again. But no luck unfortanately. You mean that could be enough to cause the ECU to shut down the way that it have done?
Hi, 🙂

sorry to hear you have made little reward for your efforts,

I think you may be better served finding a working Scudo and swapping the ECU 🤔

If the Donor vehicle displays YOUR STOP Issue it's the ECU, 😉
if not it's a wiring fault

Obviously you will not run the engine..

But you will discover where to spend your time and money 😉