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Technical Stilo workshop CD's

Jan 29, 2007
RAF Henlow
I got my new workshop CD (my last one was almost useless thanks to virtually no info) and it's a blinder! I got it on ebay from a user by the name of johnny5manuals. His feedbacks ok, and delivery was quick enough. I got my disc for the bargain price of 99p! All I'll say is £1.99 was steep for delivery as all it was was a normal envelope and a first class stamp.

The discis superb, it's the proper Fiat eLearn software, and works perfectly. Far better than any other I've used.

Sorry if this seems like an ad, but I thought I'd let you all know that I'd found a good un. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's bought a disc off eBay and been thoroughly disappointed with it.

The disc I bought can be seen here.
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What version number is that Chris?

You could have grabbed it off the FTP site ;)
Couldn't find that *info file Argo, but it covers vehicles up to 01/04. It's fantastic. It's really helped me no end today doing my door check bar. See my thread in the main Stilo section for more about that.
Yes, I have ePer there - although it is not the latest version; the one I have is the one they brought out before they started playing with encryption, version 20 I believe.
What version number is that Chris?

You could have grabbed it off the FTP site ;)

Errm not being very pc literate what does that mean :eek: we have vister here at home will these discs run with this as my old one I bought of ebay wont :bang:
It should run with VISTA, although not tried it yet - let me login into VISTA later on [I dual-boot on this machine, between XP Pro and Vista] and see if it works.

I may need to install Daemon Tools first as well :eek:
I'm running a mere 0.34TB RAID not counting our main server.

Cheap as chips storage these days (y)