Styling Stilo Schumacher styled back bumper

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Styling Stilo Schumacher styled back bumper


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Nov 19, 2019
Hi guys!
I just joined the forum officially today, but have been following it since owning my Stilo for over 3 years now. The forum has helped me countless times with guides to fix common (and not so common) problems, so thanks for each and everyone of you who regularly contribute here - it really makes a difference!

Now to the post - I have been searching for a Schumacher edition styled back bumper on eBay, tuning sites, etc. for some time now but haven't come across one for sale or on offer (OEM or custom). I must be looking in the wrong places (I'm EU, not UK). Has anyone replaced their standard bumper for a Schumacher edition one on their cars? If so, how much work was it and how much did the part cost.... any tips on finding one... ? :(

Many thanks,
Schumacher back bumper

Still searching for a Schumacher rear bumper.. found one in Italy but 1. It's cracked and hasn't been properly repaired 2. seller won't ship abroad. Would have travelled down to collect it but it just happens to be 1600 miles away..... [emoji24] Oh well.

I've widened my search to include the UK - anybody know of one? I have family in the UK so it wouldn't be sent abroad only locally. Colour is not important, just has to be the Schumacher style.

I check eBay and other sites regularly, but nothing comes up. Just trying my luck here as I know a lot of you guys are UK based.

Re: Schumacher back bumper

It may be worth looking through the "Have you got a Schumacher" sticky thread and contacting everyone who has one directly.

They may have a spare one, or they may have broken their one or they might be about to break one, or they might know someone who might have one.

Ralf S.
Re: Have you got a Schumacher?

Schumacher fans - where can you get bumpers? Can't seem to find any....

I'm eying up a Schumi, looks to be NO. 550 non UK but I'm hesitant to buy because it has a smashed front bumper (owner claims he hit a deer) + the back one is cracked. If you know where I can get them, please contact me. I travel back on forth between the EU and UK so anything is fine