Technical Stilo Radio problem

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Technical Stilo Radio problem


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Feb 20, 2006
Looking for help please. Just got A fiat stil active 1.9 diesel 02 plate.

Have managed to get the fiat radio out. And have put a sony cd player in, but it won't come on, it is geeting no power.

I have got four coloured wires on the connector from the radio. Black, red, blue and yellow. I have macthed the red and black togther on the connector from the fiat, and put the other to in the same postion to that on the fiat, but I still don't get the radio to come on. I have tried switching them around but nothing happens. The only thing that does happen is on some of the combinations I try , it starts beeping on the dashboard display and sayin there is a loose connection. If I swithc the wires back it then stops. So it must know the radio is there but I still can;t get the thing to work.

Any suggestions. Thanks
Thanks for the reply. I will give it a try.

No pics at the moment. But colour is a metallic grey/blue.
Tried switching the wires, didn't work.

Have know tried putting the original radio back in and that won't work either.

Any other suggestions. Could I have blown a fuse.
sounds like a fuse if the original radio aint working as well.
I put a Kenwood cd radio in my Stilo and had to connect the yellow and red wires on the kenwood wiring the red has a spur off it and the yellow has a bullit connector joint so this was quite easy. However all works ok except i cant tune in any mw or lw chanels fm no probs Kenwood said the Stilo may have a power amplified ariel (if so an addaptor is needed as the OE radio would be designed for this) and this would be the reason why i cant get mw or lw anyone know if this is so or had similar probs ?