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Jan 22, 2006
Hamilton, Scotland
Alright folks, noticed that their was no Stilo Owners Clubs going about so decided ok lets get to work. I have now just purchased and hopefully have it up and running within a month. Will their be much interest in this or have i just wasted money?
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Search for old threads on Club Stilo, originally setup by Twincamms and Purplemonday - the demand was great, so they did all the hard-work setting it up, for hardly anyone to then support it.

As I said in the other thread, we are not sure what to do with it now - either relaunch it, and take away the affiliation with Fiat Motor Club (GB), or just let it lie.
Well i've got the domain, if no one is interested i'll let it lie, i currently own about 5 domains all lying idle anyways and it isn't a vast amount of money to loose. If yous want to relaunch it i'll help out rather than launch this
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And after visiting the site i'd say remove all affiliations and links to here and other places purely because it will attract more attention elsewhere other than where it is wanted. e.g. the forum, visit Fiat Forum Visit Club Stilo Forum, remove the link to here and ur jamming cos everyone will see Fiat Forum and go oh well i'll post on their rather than here. Trim it down and try get it dedicated rather than linking everywhere and it cld be a winner