Technical Stilo Heater Fan Controls Packed Up!

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Technical Stilo Heater Fan Controls Packed Up!


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Jul 27, 2007
Hi guys,

My heater/air con/ventilation fan control knob on my 05 3Dr Stilo Dynamic seems to have packed up.

Found out last night, the fan will not turn on in positions 1, 2 or 3 but does turn on and go to full pelt at position 4 as it should.

When you turn it back down to 3, the fan turns off!

Do I need a new switch or is it something else?


The heater fan resistor pack gives the reduced fan speed settings for switch positions 1, 2 and 3 so there's something wrong with that, either poor connection or burnt out

heater fan resistor pack item 9.JPG
I'd check the resistances at item 9 here
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Sorry to dig this up but I am suffering from the dreaded "only works on 4" syndrome.

My question is...

Can I access number 9 on the diagram without ripping my dashboard apart, or doing minimal rippages.

Well little old topic but good to ask here instead new topic - all 4 position of our car switch work well, and the blower fan work. The polen filter is new but all winter even on max speed the back side of the door window was little frozen, and still i can`t feel on MAX speed good flow, or maybe just in stilo is not that strong like in ZX.Also the heating is quite slow(1.4i engine). Is it like that or to search for some new resistor with low oms to pick up the fan speed?
Finally got round to removing my resistor pack. sorry longgo, i dont have an answer to your question but i do have another question. Where can i get a replacement resistor pack that is not the main dealer? preston wanted 25 quid but i saw on eper that they are 8 quid. but i get i get an error when i try to put it in my basket!
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Thanks for the info.

I ended up taking it to the local auto electrician who repaired it for £2 while I waited.