Technical stilo dead lock problems, i think ????

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Technical stilo dead lock problems, i think ????


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Jan 20, 2006
i cant open my passenger door from the inside or out, can anyone HELP me please !!!
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the same problem occured when using the dead locks for the first time on my old der's stilo, n got it fixed under warrenty!

take it back to the dealer!!!
triggaa said:
i cant open my passenger door from the inside or out, can anyone HELP me please !!!

its a 2002 abarth, its a bummer, for dealer to fix it i'm looking around £320 because they will have to break my door panel to get to it!! everything sounds like its working, knob goes up and down and you can here it locking and unlocking but you cant here the deadlock ?
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Passenger door latch at fault, i'd do a search on here to give you the fix, but hey.... do it yourself! :p

I've documented a means that typically gets the door open again, saves the garage ripping your door card off and charging you £xxx for a new one!
There is a well known method of opening any stuck door without removing anything...but it will happen again unless the lock is renewed.
thats great i'm new to this site so were can i find the documented means of showing me how to do it?
Well there are tones of posts!

Try this, get in car, sit next to jamming door, pull door handle, door unlocks but wont open, then lock car with keyfob button, then unlock with handle! Keen doing this, eventually the latch will free and presto door will unlock fully and open!

Just make sure you don't deadlock the doors again, or you'll need to start over!

Just press the button once to lock doors!

That'll save you the cost of the door panel, and the time it takes them to strip down the door and its costs! :)
Hello All,

Sorry to disapoint the person that started this thread but i tried the stated procedure when i had the same problem and it didnt work for me i'm afraid.

I managed to get the door panel off with the door still shut, was a right pain in the arse but care and time meant i didn't damage anything. It can be done:slayer:

Dealer said i had to replace the lock to fix the problem. As i'd got panel off was abit cheaper on labour. I think it was about £160 in total.

have a go:D

It can be done but the method of opening the jammed door(s) is slightly flawed in that the door motors cut out (to protect themselves) after locking/unlocking on the 5th cycle....however enough of that what I was going to say was £160 seems bit excessive? Lock is about £50-60 odd plus hour labour (£55inc vat) should be about £120odd then again whats the labour rate at your dealer in sussex?
The lock does cut out eventually, but hey you wait 2 mins and try again, or start the car and turn it off to reset. I had to do it several times until my garage accepted there was a fault!

Granted it you go to the hassle of taking off the door car yourself you'll save the garage who'll be on short time. You take your time and it costs you little, let the garage do it and they'll rush this bit, charge you for a new door card, and then spend the time wiping down the busted bit before refitting it and then charging you for replacement part! ;)
Only broken door cards I have came across are ones the customer has tried to remove themselves(which are noted so customer cannot blame garage),one hour is sufficent to remove card-change lock & rebuild without breaking anything.
I've little faith in my Fiat garage. My door was jammed and they said, and i quote! If we can't get it open then well break the door car so we'll order a spare one before we do the job, "just in case!".

I then went back to the car, sat for 10mins trying my technique and i unlocked the door! I told them there was no need to order the door car so long as they didn't deadlock the door!

No way was i taking a warranty claim for parts to be ordered and then not fitted to my car, but added to "stock" for future unsuspecting fools to be charged full whack for a what is basically part!
well guys thought my luck was up after spending about two weeks fiddling around trying to get it open after all the great threads off you lot, (thanx again) untill today when my girlfriend tried it on the off chance that it would open and low and behold it DID!!! i just cant belive it at least its saved me a good £300 thank you to you all and keep up the thread because i'm sure other people wont be quite as lucky as me !!!
StiloBoy said:
No way was i taking a warranty claim for parts to be ordered and then not fitted to my car, but added to "stock" for future unsuspecting fools to be charged full whack for a what is basically part!

Not quite sure what you mean? Parts are ordered against a job/ref number,every month all warranty parts are checked by area warranty manager.Even the slightest discrepency (mileage being out slightly,job card wrote up wrong) & the warranty is knocked back.Certain jobs are then investigated further & the part(s) returned for testing,dangerous game saying parts have been fitted when they haven't especially under warranty!
HELP! i have now got the same problem! will give the above a try now and see if i can get it open! my stilo is an '05 so surely shouldnt go so soon? :mad:

edit: yeah its fooked. will be into the garage thursday if they are not too busy! the joys of stilo ownership! spoke to my ex fiat tech who tells me the garages tend to destroy the panel to get inside instead of taking time to try and take off the panel from the inside! :( should be under warranty though so one less thing for me to wory about i guess! :p
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