Technical Stilo/Bravo thermostat similar??

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Technical Stilo/Bravo thermostat similar??


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Dec 5, 2004
1.6 Stilo 3 door mellow yellow now with 17 inch boots.......better than 6 inch stillettos!

Over the long winter period my Stilo will only go to 1/4 temp even in town and the heater is near non existant! I guess the thermostat has locked fully open, now the question.

Does a Brava/Bravo 1.6 16V thermostat fit and are there any disasters awaiting me in changing a thermostat.


The Brava/o 1,6 engine is very different from the Stilo 1.6 so not interchangeable bits
Have a look on as they show piccys of components

Apart from the usual access problems I can't see why the Stilo thermostat should be any different from other cars to change. You know, looks easy, bolts shear off, wrong part supplied, gasket leaks, never ending air locks, car doesn't start afterwards then you find it wasn't that after all:)
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Deckchair5 said:
The Brava/o 1,6 engine is very different from the Stilo 1.6

I thought the Stilo's 1.6 was the Brava's 1.6 with a few mods (like the direct coils), hence why it has the engine code 182 (Brava's code). I know the 1.2 had the code 188 from the Punto, and the 1.8 and JTD's are 192 (Stilo).

I wonder what makes the criteria for them to change engine code: from what I understand, the 1.8 is shared in the Bravo, Brava, Marea, Barchetta, Punto, yet still has the code 192!

I wouldn't have taken a second look at a Stilo 1.6 if I thought it was the same Bravo 1.6 engine in different clothes as that's a very thirsty, long piston stroke old dinosaur.

Mind you I think the Stilo engine previously saw life as a World War I fire engine
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