Technical Stilo 17" with Lowered Springs?

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Technical Stilo 17" with Lowered Springs?


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Jan 17, 2006
Guys - Planning to 'improve' my new purchase!!
I want to add the 17" Claw Alloys and a set of lowered Eibach springs - apparently they drop the car by approx. 30mm?
Will this give me any clearance issues - tyre rubbing etc.?

There shouldn't be any problems. Several people on here is driving with 17" wheels and the eibach springs (and so will my stilo come spring time :) ).
just this one


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sgh1970 said:
just this one
That looks sooooperb! Nice one! Did you use the Eibachs? Is that a Abarth? Ahh yes - so it is - must read your profile!
The cobra spring are only 50/40mm drop, keep with EIBACH and go for there sportline spring which are a 50/45mm - tht extra 5mm makes all the difference ;) I've got these fitted to my stilo and have no issuses at all - and would highly recommend eibach springs!

Depending on your funds you could go for coilovers and drop it 80mm and you still wouldn't get any rubbing! Which is what i intead to do in the mer future :D
Do you have an Abarth Nello ?

If so then I would advise against any drop more that the 30-35mm that the eibach pro gives you. The extra weight that the 2.4 gives makes the front end of mine seriously low on eibachs and if I went any lower I would have to get out and push it over speed bumps. If I go over speed bumps faster than 5-10 mph I will scrape the front end and that was even before I got my front splitter fitted.

I could easily drop another 15mm on the back though with no problems at all and I have 18's with a slightly bigger rolling radius due to wanting my arches filled a bit more and slightly more height off the road.
No matey - I've got a 1.8 Dynamic.....
It was a compromise - I run an Alfa 156 and this is the wifes car....
She was gonna have the Alfa and I was going to get a 20VT Coupe but she
did not like driving my old 16V Coupe so we agreed on a Stilo as long as I could have the 'sporty' extras!
Yeh I Wouldnt Mind Them But I Have A Question (just Reading That Link And The Stilos Got A Rear Torsion Bar Do U Reckon That Means U Wont Be Able To Ajust The Rear)
50mm on the 1.8 dynamic is fine! the same applies those go up and down a kerb to fast or other a speed bump to fast and it scraps... u just gota be carefull :cool:
I've got 30mm eibachs on mine and i couldn't go any lower without sacratching the engine plastic cover on every speed bump (mind you, speed bumps around here are WILD). As it is, i have to go over the bumps very slowly or i'll touch.

Actually, i had exactly the same problem when the car was new, without the eibachs, when i had it lowered i tied the plastic engine cover up (it hangs down like a belly 'cause it's got no fixings in the middle) so my car is actually quite similar to when i didn't have the eibachs!!
1.8Stilo said:
The cobra spring are only 50/40mm drop, keep with EIBACH and go for there sportline spring which are a 50/45mm - tht extra 5mm makes all the difference ;)

All the difference! that whole 5mm on the back bet you probably couldnt even tell the difference if you looked at mine and yours
thts y the ;) ...but i bet you could cos ive got a 2nd battery n heavy boot build in the boot which drop it at least anotha 5mm on top of the first 5mm = 10mm difference :D lol!