Stilo 05 Visteon Head Unit & iPod

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Stilo 05 Visteon Head Unit & iPod


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Mar 31, 2006
Hi there

New here, have searched and seems to be lots of stuff relating to the Connect Sat Nav, but not the standard steros.

I have the Visteon CD head unit without MP3 ability in my 05 Multiwagon (Hey before you laugh, I've got kid's with a big buggy!)

Has anyone managed to get the Dension Ice>link to work with the Visteon head unit? The stereo has two ports on the back one is pale blue, one is pale green and they have 8 or 9 pins each, I assume these are for a CD changer. Some websites mention that the Dension works with head units that accept Grundig or Blupunkt CD changers, but as I couldn't afford it at the time, I dont know which my head unit needs.

Any help appreciated.

This thread had some more info:
I PMd Siboyslim to ask how he got on but no reply.

I am in the same boat. I just finally managed to get my MP3 into my Visteon stereo in the following sequence.

1. Tried £7 ebay cig lighter tpye FM modulator - was utter cack.
2. Bought Maplin inline FM modulator - £30 - much better quality but still quite 'noisy'
3. Found the output from MP3 player needed to be on full to get a good signal - not great for the battery life
4. Added a £5 mono preamp to each channel between the MP3 adn the FM modulator.

Finally I have a 'near enough' solution. With the preamps, the signal from the MP3 player is boosted so that SNR is better, so I can turn down the volume on the headunit to around 20. Without the preamps I needed it up to 34 for classical but then the background interference was a bit overpowering.

Not ideal. I would love to find a better solution with the blue plug type thing but nowhere I've phoned reckons they have one that will work. The one shown in that thread looks perfect but only states Blaupunkt.

I'd be very interested to see how you finally do it too so please let me know!

Hi there

I'm also considering the Harmon Kardon Drive & Play wth the wired FM Modulator, but I'm not sure if the sound quality is going to be OK, can't find anywhere if its a lot better that a wireless FM modulator.

I think your solution is too much for my sausage fingered DIY;) I'd probably end up having the fire brigade round to tidy up after my electrical handy work.

Will keep this post up to date when I decide what to go with.


PS , I see what you mena about the cable mentioned in the other post, it looks ideal, may be worth 12 quid just to try.
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