Technical Stiff Steering on Cinq after minor accident

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Technical Stiff Steering on Cinq after minor accident


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Jun 22, 2005
Hello there

I had a small incident with a skidding into a wall. Only the front bumper managed to hit it, but I think the wheel, which was on almost full lock in the other direction has hit it too. :(

The steering is now very stiff, and seems to stay where ever you put it without unwinding itself.

Anybody got any guesses as to what Ive bent and the best way of repairing it. Thanks
could be a few things,i hit a rock in my cinq(admitadly at a decent speed)

cost me so far
1 steering rack & 2 track rods ends(this was obviosly damages)
2 lower suspension arms,omly one needed done. this wasnt obviously damaged but looking at where the wheel sat in the wheelarch showed it was out of position
plus some anti roll bar mounts which snapped as i was removing for the suspension arms.
at the very least your tracking will be out,if any suspension component is damaged then it needs to be replaced for safety
Thank you;
It seems to be the steering rack, the suspension thankfully seems to be ok.

Thanks again