Technical Steering woes

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Technical Steering woes

Dec 20, 2004
My knocking on the front drivers side seems to be getting worse (n)

Its something steering related as it only does it when turning, the noise like a grinding/knocking/clicking during movement of the steering wheel. It doesnt do it when stationary, but its not speed related so not the wheel rubbing or anything.

Any ideas? Trackrod ends/balljoints? Dont think its the CV joints as they seem ok.

If it is balljoints, do i have to get complete new arms, as shop4parts seem to only do the balljoints with the arm and not seperate :confused:
Its not CV as its not when the car is actually moving (or its not doing it from the car moving) Once its on full lock its ok, no real problem, its only noisy when turning the steering wheel to get there which leads me to believe its steering related.
+ i can sort of replicate the knock if i grab the wheels at 3 & 9'o clock and push/pull

Cars done 60k and believe it to be on original parts still if that makes a difference.
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