General Steering wheel hub/boss kit?

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General Steering wheel hub/boss kit?

Mar 10, 2006
Somebody put me out of my misery! :cry:

I want to replace the steering wheel on my '87 panda, and i've been trying in vain to find a hub/boss kit for it. I've searched ebay but there's nothing specific to a panda.

Does anyone know where I can find one, or if any of the kits for other fiat models would be compatible?

hi Vicky, welcome to the world of Panda motoring.

cheers Damon

ps I see you are another new Essex panda owner;)
I don't know if it will fit a Panda, but you could always try and find the boss kit for a mk2 Uno turbo Momo leather steering wheel (came as a standard fitting on all mk2 Uno turbos).

There's a good chance it will fit a Panda, plus it will allow other wheels to bolt up too. The complete wheel and boss can go for as little as £10 - 15 on Ebay.
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Had a mountney wheel on me Seat Marbella (Panda Espanol :D ) and used an Astrali Boss Kit to fit it... still got the box in the garage from the boss kit so will post the application list off the side of it to give you an idea of what fits what (from memory used the same boss kit to fit same steering wheel to Seat Malaga - Regatta/Prisma Espanol :( )
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Cheers all for the ideas! Thanks for the link Damon, can't believe I missed that one!

christopher watson said:
thats on my watch list, but if Vicky wants it, i wont bid, as i already have that same wheel but i need a boss kit (will probably just get a polished aluminum boss).

Well if you're sure you don't want to go for it I'll add it to my watch list as 25 odd quid for the lot suits my budget perfectly! ;)