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General Steering lock broken after break in


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Sep 19, 2007
Hi all,

I'm new but hope you can help my baby.
My lovely old Patsy Panda (fire 1000) was broken into a couple of nights ago and aside from stealing the radio, the little sh*ts decided that they'd try to drive the car away and broke something in the steering column.
Basically, the steering wheel turns but locks on the right before wheels are completely turned. When turning to the left, wheels turn but steering wheel seems to catch a little and carries on turning even though the wheels are fully turned left.

I've had a couple of mechanics over who seem to have conflicting stories and prices! Most think that only the steering lock has been broken and that it can simply be removed and the car driven quite happily without it (£130). Some say that it has to be replaced (between £100 and £200). Some say that the steering column might be dead (£400 to £500 :eek:).
So I'm a little confused... Could the steering lock be removed and not replaced and if so, could I do it myself considering I've never taken a steering wheel off in my life? I just can't bring myself to have a garage take it away to later tell me that they'll charge me £400 to get her fixed because my insurance have decided that they wouldn't pay for the repairs, she's too old... But I can't lose her!

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Hi, welcome to the Panda section although I'm sorry it's under such circumstances. I'm not sure of how the lock mechanism works, but the sterring wheel itself is held in place simply with a 24mm nut which is behind the horn push. I'm sure one the guys will have some idea of what the problem is and I would be very surprised if someone doesn't have whatever parts you are likely to need.
I think the you will find the cast holder that houses the key switch will be broken or badly damaged it is held in place with two special headed bolts that shear off when screwed up they are designed to do that. The peg that drops into the metal steering column when you take the key out, will be stuck out unable to retract properly when you turn key to start the car.The job would take about 45mins to sort out at worst. can you still use the key?
take on board last comment doubt its the rack, if it could tb the spline on the centre steering column. need to know the extent of damage that can be seen any pic's?? still not a hard job to do. Extra 60min's
Where are you based 4114n? Perhaps a local'ish member could have a look because I'm sure it won't cost anything like £130 - £500 to fix - more likely £20 - £30 with parts from a scrapper. I too agree that it's probably the steering lock that's mangled, or possibly a universal joint in the steering column. Both are easy to replace.

The garages quoting £400 - £500 to replace the steering column are ripping you off big time. Avoid them like the plague...
Wow! Thanks so much for all your replies, it's made me feel a lot better. I'm in south west Greater London. My neighbour lent me a 24mm socket so that I can have a look inside so I'll give that a go today and see what I find!
If I can't get my head around it I'll post some pics.
Is it true what the mechanic said though? Can I drive the car without a steering lock?

Thanks again.
Ok... I'm in there. Removed steering wheel, removed cover but now I just cannot figure out how to take the ignition/lock out. My guide tells me there's a screw there but I can't see any screws, just a small catch which can be depressed and it doesn't do anything except take the little part where the key goes into out.
Now I'm stuck. How do I remove the lock?

EDIT: Oh no!!! I got it. I have to drill the bloody thing out! There's no way I'm getting into that myself, I'm pretty sure I'll break something if I do so, please, please, please if one of you lives near SW16, help me out! Just pm me to let me know how much you'd charge and we can arrange a date.

Thanks again everyone for your help.
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come lads some one must live close to this member I'v the parts he will need ready to fit if some one can confirm what is needed other than the lock ass. got all those bits just need to know if collumn shaft is needed all or part?

A local mechanic came up after I'd removed the steering wheel and cover. He had a quick look and turns out it was only the metal on either side of the lock had been bent to bu**ery and was stopping the wheel from turning completely on one side. He kindly bent that back for me and replaced the bolts he'd knocked out to get to it for £30. Not bad considering the £100 to £500 asked for originally! I'm over the moon, my baby's back to life!

Thanks again to you all for your help.