General springs or coilovers?

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General springs or coilovers?

Oct 10, 2005
which would be better out of the two and is there any other options? i want to lower it around 40mm is this a good lowering height for handling, if not which is? thanks alot kris
In a standard spring and damper system the height of the spring is fixed. On a coilover system the base is typically mounted on a thread allowing the height of the spring to be adjusted.


Standard Shock:

Not the best pic but the only one I could find.
Not only height. They typically have rebound/dampening adjustment too. I have a feeling though that you're not likely to want to pay for the kind of performance they offer.

I've seen a magic figure of 35mm as a maximum lowering on standard shocks. After that you want to be buying matched shocks and springs.
Coilover refers to the fact that the coil is over the shock..The Cinq fronts are coilover as std, and the backs arent. I dont think any manufacturers make rear coilover shocks for the Cinq as theyre hard to impossible to fit wthout some very serious mods to the rear suspension setup.

Hellcat - look at the design of one of your standard shocks and compare it to the Leda one, its the same!

Only difference is the rebound rate of the damper is adjustable in the uprated one.

As for handling...low as possible is best, if not very impractical - anything lower than standard will be better - not that its that bad to begin with.
Lowest isnt always best, ground clearance becomes an issue. As does driveshaft angle. Plus if you go too low you have to run stiffer to stop the car bottoming out, and then handling suffers. In a road car you are looking for compromise, of handling, ride quality, and practicality. Anymore than 40mm you get clearance issues, but 60mm is available, the fk coilovers allow the front to drop 70mm but the back stays put at 40mm.
If you lower a car too much the suspension does not have enough travel to actually work, the car bottoms out or if its made stiff enough to stop this then become skittish across the less than smooth roads we have in the UK, may be good on a track, but then how often is it going there, therefore the car handles poorer and will in fact be slower as it will not corner as fast and in fact will in no way stop as fast as the brakes need suspension travel to function, this of course could make the car more dangerous especially on cinq brakes which are crapola!

I would say any more than 35-40mm you are going backwards in car evolution, any more its purely cosmetic.

you say the fronts are already coilovers does this mean i can go and lower them 40mm without having to buy lowered springs?? and then just buy some springs for the rear??
J333EVO said:
I would say any more than 35-40mm , any more its purely cosmetic.


And it looks damn good ;)

Personally I would go the Coilover route then you can have 40mm for everyday driving for the hadling aspect as well as some comfort...

Then stick it on it's ass for shows :yum:

Although price will be the deciding factor willing to bet :eek:
i think im gnna have to get 35 or 40mm springs as i dont have a spare £200 + to get coilovers :(, so i will need a set of 4?? sorry if im annoyin you's but i havent gotta clue:bang:
the beasto said:
i think im gnna have to get 35 or 40mm springs as i dont have a spare £200 + to get coilovers :(, so i will need a set of 4?? sorry if im annoyin you's but i havent gotta clue:bang:

They come in sets of 4 wouldn't go any lower than 40mm on just springs as it will kill your shocks eventually...