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custard boy said:
anyone got a pic of a sports cat on a cinq?
just wondering if they look different from standard?

was looking at mine and its round whereas IIRC the cinq one is more oval,yeah?

Your cat sounds the same as mine, a bit bigger and round compared to the flatter ovel shaped standard one, and according to the VAD receipt in my service records its a spot cat as fitted as part of Hi-boost conversion.

I don't know how restrictive the standard cat is, but it is developed for a n/s 54bhp car and as such i would imagine it could strangle a turbo's 110bhp car.

I read on an alternatice forum something about cats and maybe using one from a bigger higher outout car as a good way of making the car less restrictive.

I am also looking to loose my front box and have a striaght pipe from cat to Magnex back box to again loose some of the restriction, as again the exhaust is a compromise being again developed for a n/a car not a turbo and as such not great.

for myself im thinking of going the custom route(if i ever get out of this always skint groundhog loop im in ;)
thinking about getting a decat and whatever cat im using having flanges welded to it so it can be bolted in for MOT.
though as i said if the cat needs replaced for MOT i'll be bunging in a new one for now
arc said:
could contact vad, see what they say about the cat they used?

Yeah, tho they may try and sell you one :)

To me it looks like a standard sports cat that is then got the two ends welded on to match up to the rest of the Cinq system, but then thats how they all are.

I was thinking full custom exhaust route from a good exhuast company like Blue Flame, Stealth Systems etc someone with experience of turbo cars, but now i'm thinking that just loosing the fornt box and replacing with a straight pipe with flexy section and retaining the Magnex back box on mine would be a good and cheap compromise as I can't see the Magnex back box being very restrictive on its own, and it will not be loud as turbo cars are naturally quieter than N/A cars.

what about an exhaust bypass (like what viv runs on his smart). I'm still yet to hear of that on any other car. I know that some expensive sports cars have a similar system, but it switches based on flow rates / revs.
if i were to turbo charge mine, i think i'd be having one of them put in :)
i sent them an email over a year ago about getting a sports cat and they wanted just over a 100 notes plus my one.
dunno, maybe they make the sports cats from normal cats??

suppose its like some car spares places want your old parts so they can get them refurbed and sell them on to make a little bit back.
its a plating isn't it???

i have some expensively plated titanium,and its worth naff all in the scrap market, but in the car world, awsome(y)

"The converter is lined with aluminum oxide, platinum, and palladium. These chemicals acting as catalysts cause the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to form water vapor and carbon monoxide. (Some converters have a third lining of platinum and rhodium, which reduce nitrogen oxides.)"

"Thieves are targeting catalytic converters largely because they contain small amounts of three precious metals -- platinum, palladium and rhodium. The metals are used in the lining of the converter."