Technical Spooky faults,Wet in fuse box, Cannot find main beam relay

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Technical Spooky faults,Wet in fuse box, Cannot find main beam relay

Jul 29, 2015
Searched and could not find enough detail on main beam. My ebay workshop CD will not give me the wiring diagrams (DTE) (after getting and old 32 bit computer live again to run the bleep bleep thing )

Stuck - cannot find out why my main beam is always on.

Cannot locate main beam relay - pulled each one but still cannot turn main beam off with no switch attached.

Thought I would share my experience so far as may be useful to others.

Had wet in fuse box and all sorts of fun weird stuff going on. Think fuse box is OK now and want to check the relay before changing this box.

(I have disconnected the stalk switch by pulling the blocks on the back of the stalk switches, so it is not getting any request from there to activate the main beam.

Started on really cold very damp foggy night and all of a sudden the alarm goes off, horn blaring and main beam on would not reset using key. Father Christmas from local rotary was going by collecting and it was all a bit surreal. Multipla was so loud, drowning out the Christmas music.

Pulled out fuses and then took wires off the horn. Disconnected the battery.
Quiet at last. Neighbour still "chatting" away merrily while I am trying to get my head around why the car has been taken over by aliens and has noise levels of fleet of fire engines on a call. Uuugh.

Recently, I am told it had been a little tough to start and also we get a slow clicks about second apart for about 10 times before we start the car. In middle of dash near heater. I have had the heater out but nothing wrong with it. This is ongoing, it is not the red relay by the ECU. It is as ignition is on but not turning the key far enough to ask it to start.

I could not start it and alarm night, so started looking into the immobiliser in the engine bay. First I checked the red relay near the ECU by swapping with one from glove box. I disconnected the two plugs on the immobiliser which is a nightmare to get to one is now a bit "not ideal" - give it some welly. Car started OK without immobiliser but this was never really the problem. I have it connected back up again but think it will run with or without this as others have reported. Immobiliser is in front of battery on passenger side. (that makes a quieter alarm noise when battery is off and had a blanket over it - when power goes off it will make a noise for a bit )

Later found heated door mirror was draining battery (11 amps) and could not get enough amps in to get battery charged. With the wires still pulled off on the horn and main beam fuses (both) , I could now get the car started but not easy to start still.

Just removed fuse box and cleaned up, horn relay area was green and corroded. The brown plug at the top at the back would not come out when I inspected it previously and I thought it was just the bleep bleep plug but the spade connectors inside have been found corroded. Main beam is green wire at one end and pulls 4 amps when I put fuse in. The one next to it is the other main beam and it come on too if the fuse is put in.

Water damage now found on the brown plug and on the horn relay and inside fuse box. At back left of the glove box lid above fuses is a tiny bit of water always and I need to find where it had been tracking in from.

If doing work on fuses take the top panel off the dash. You have to pull the hinged lid cover to access the final screws. It is not obvious how to get lid off and hate using force on plastic but you need to. Wish I had done this some time back it would have been easier to do all the previous work. I think 5 hex bolts is all it takes. 3 at the bottom and two behind the lid hinges once the lid is off.

We are now only a one Multi household, this is the 2004 red diesel "female" not a facelift. Our 2002 went to a new home.
This one has had a bashing from 2 kids, who have learned to drive in her and now thankfully have moved on to cars new that they pay for and we can use. Multi may come back on road in summer for towing. (Just checked and we have done 180k miles in our two multiplas in the last 10 years)

Still love them.


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Nice to have no canbus and coding rubbish on these to have to faff about with.

Ebay fuse box £12 now on order, with a bunch of relays attached.
I will swap em and see what faults are left.

I have not tried the heated mirror fuse back in since I cleaned up the old fuse box - so I will try that out as well.

(I did check the fault codes several times and nothing ever came up on my simple hand held code reader.)

Might need to start tidying up.
Photo of the storage bin lid - broke one side mounting finding out "how it worked?" it will glue back ok.


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New fuse box fitted this afternoon and all working fine now.

Fuse box has many layers, I had cleaned up the outer faces but the core was well and truly expletived


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No I have not found source of wet.

Put some heavy plastic / cover/drain on the fuse box in case it comes back.

It has all been dry for many weeks around that area of the car.

There was water at the corner of the lid above the fuse box and would have dripped down on the fuse box.
Learned that if electric plug does not come out it could well be rusted in, it is not just a oddball clip to remove.