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General Split and sliding rear seat


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Aug 20, 2007
Does anyone have this option?

Does the seat move forward to increase boot space or backwards to increase rear legroom if you know what I mean?
I think it moves forward to increase boot space,I can't really see the point because if you push the seat forward surely nobody could sit in the seat anyway due to lack of legroom so you might as well just fold them instead
I have this option...
Well worth the money. (y) Gives great flexibility.

Yes - the whole seat slides on runners like the way the front seats move. I generally keep my seats in the back position keeping the boot space small and the leg-space big. But when fully forward, there would be little leg space behind the driver if the driver was tall (which doesn't apply to me :p)
Thanks for your comments!

Presumably if the rear seat is in the forward position, you can see into the boot in the new gap between the front of the rear parcel shelf and the seat back?
True, unlike the Idea which came with an extra flap on the parcel shelf, Fiat didn't add anything to the Panda's parcel shelf so there is a gap. I however solved that problem in mine. :D I got seat covers custom-made for my Panda (only the best will do), and got a flap of material added on at the back of the seats which velcros in two halves to the parcel shelf. It does the job of hiding the boot contents well. :p
Good solution!

I was thinking along the lines of a piece of material velcrod on to the underside of the parcel shelf with magnets on a flap to locate against the metal of the seat back.....
Also it needs pointing out that altho the seats are split & sliding they cannot be slid seperately, it is easy to adjust instantly from inside the boot by pulling a loop to release the catch, back of seat reclines also :)
I would also point out that if you have the sliding rear seat option, it naturally sits further back into the boot by about 4 inches - giving:

a) A smaller boot than one without the option


b) More rear space for passengers.

The parcel shelf on a car with this option is also about 3 - 4 inches shorter to accomodate the fact that the seat back is further towards the back of the car.