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vc_1985 said:
willl 900cc lowering springs fit a sporting model?

Yes. You can fit sporting springs to a 899, so you can fit 899 sprngs to a sporting :D Remember they'll lower a Sporting approximately 20mm less than if they were fitted to a 899. i.e. if the springs lower an 899 by 40mm, they'll lower a sporting by approximately 20mm (y)

EDIT - beaten to it :D
vc_1985 said:
ther are 60mm lowring springs for a 900 so they should lower about 40m

Yeah, about 40mm :)
ok cheers! well that was easy my old cinq was lowrd 40m wouldnt want to go lower than that lol was bad! defo getting a turbo conversion this time just a few pic sof my old cinq this was when it was lowerd 40mm on 14s i didnt like it much would of rather kept standard alloys on just maybe put wider tyres on!


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What's in the dash instaed of the 2 vents?