General Speedo Replacement and Airbag Warning Lighy

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General Speedo Replacement and Airbag Warning Lighy

Oct 29, 2013
Marbella, southern Spain
Hello Guys and Gals

I have eventually gotten around to preparing my Seicento 600 ‘Van’ (Spanish Reg’) for its MOT.

Regards one component of that I have acquired a speedometer from a U.K. 2002(I think) year Seicento. I have trial fitted it for the first time today and the speedometer works perfectly. However the U.K. spec’d car was fitted with an airbag whilst my 2007 (Polish made) Spanish registered ‘600 Van’ never had an airbag fitted at the factory..

My question is this. Is it possible to ‘delete’ the airbag warning light?

The odometer is also showing the U.K. mileage (my ‘Sei’ has 205,000 kilometres in it) but I’m not too concerned about that as I will never sell the car

The other option is I switch out the ‘speedo’ decal and put it into my original tacho display?

Many thanks in advance