Southerners Paintballing, New dates!!

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Southerners Paintballing, New dates!!

Which is best for you?

  • Sat 25th March

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  • Sun 26th March

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  • Sun 2nd April

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  • Sat 8th April

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  • Sat 15th April

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  • Sun 16th April

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  • Leave the event till after brooklands

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Aug 28, 2004
Reading, UK
Right I've rang campaign this morning, as they didnt seem to be bothered about email pete back with the dates they have free :( But i now have some dates that they are free. Which is basically any saturday or sunday after the 18th march...

As you know from the other thread the event is to be held at campaign paintballing:

A £10 booking deposit will be needed by each person that is coming, but we will discus that in more detail once a date has been decided.

I've included options for saturdays and sundays, as i know some people have to work on saturdays. Personally id prefer a saturday, but i'm not overally bothered if its a sunday.

So come on lets get a date decided so Team FF can get back into action :cool:
I voted for any date... cause i'm out of work at the minute i'm free all the time. April would probably be better for me though, gives me time to put a bunch of money in the bank :)

As long as my parents are at home that specific weekend, any date is good for me (cause if they're in Stoke visiting friends, they'll have the sat nav and i'll get lost) :eek:
Im starting to get worried with all the loose cannons on here being let loose with weapons lol

Last time I did anything that involved guns with Whiley I ended up getting shot in the eye with a BB gun :(

Anyway the 1st April sounds good to me :D