South Central Southampton

Dec 5, 2006
Southampton, Hampshire
Hedge End - 1 mile from M27 - Junction 7

Full and always latest MES version, KKL, ELM, OBDLink and EOBD Cable Sets. Also FOXWELL NT301.

By appointment only - contact via PM


1. This offer can be withdrawn at any time

2. You take full liability and responsibility. You will have to sign to this effect.

3. No 3 pin connector ability - all required units to be tested must be accessible via the 16 pin EOBD socket

4. No key programming - (unless I let you do it yourself)

5. No Custom Data Proxi alignments - (unless I let you do it yourself)

With 4) and 5) there is always the possibility that your vehicle will be immobilised and require recovery which you should always be aware of. If you choose/decide you want to do these yourself, and I let you, then it will be done suitably parked in the road or preferably next to fairly local Fiat dealer.