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Feb 3, 2006
Hi All can anyone help out Im think of getting a sweet sound system 800 watts plus 4 sony door speakers trying to find someone who will fit it at a good price not had much luck im from glasgow so would be looking for somebody or company that is near there. can you help???
There is/was an American guy in Kinning Park, Lane, G41, POLLOKSHIELDS&lang=&keepicon=true who has done many competition installs and has a great old MK2 Granada with the sweetest sounding set up ever, he is also a Clifford installer amongst other stuff.

i am going back a few years and don't know if he is still there but worth a try as he was very favourable with pricing.

There’s also Auto Sound? though again don't know if its still there, G42, GLASGOW CITY&lang=&keepicon=true

There is of course always Drivers friendly enough and do good stuff, but maybe overpriced and Hannah on Great Western Road

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Have you got any tools - a lot of it can be done by yourself if you're willing to spend the time on it :)
"Sweet sound system" and "Sony speakers" - not 2 phrases I associate together!

For not much more, you could do a lot better. You'll also find most companies will charge you full whack if you've not bought the kit from them.

Before you buy, let us know what car you have, budget and musical taste.
And power is not necessarily indicative of quality ;)

Sony speakers are the weakest part of their range IMO. Their amps aren't bad (especially when you pay less than 30 quid for one :)) and the HUs are OK if you have to stick to a budget..................