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Nov 4, 2003
Sony Online Entertainment will be working with Sony Computer Entertainment to deliver movies, television, and music to PS3 gamers.

“We are building a software infrastructure to distribute video and music, more particularly video, through the PlayStation Network,” Sony CEO Howard Stringer said in an interview with the Financial Times. He wouldn't give a projected date for launching the new distribution Channel, but did say Sony will know more in early 2008. He added “We are trying to get our devices to talk to each other efficiently. PlayStation Network should migrate from gadget to gadget. But initially it starts with PlayStation devices and then to TV and beyond. That’s the goal.”

Despite having a great deal of movie, television, and music content of their own, Sony hasn't managed to build a channel to distribute content to PS3 users, although they envision the console as more of a home entertainment center. By comparison, Microsoft's Xbox Live service already allows Xbox 360 owners to buy television episodes and rent movies.

Although Xbox Live Video Marketplace already has deals with many major studios, they don't have access to Sony's properties, which the new Playstation service will.

are people really interested in this? and i mean for both M$ and sony.
are you really interested in downloading to a console with limited use/playback options?


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Jun 5, 2004
Depends on the price of the movies and how "new" they are. If they offer stuff before Sky box office I'd be tempted as long as the films can be watched more than once, like for a full 48 hours instead of the crappy scheme sky has.