Technical Something fishy with Diesel fuel pipes

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Technical Something fishy with Diesel fuel pipes


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Jan 27, 2006
Sup guyz.. !!

I am back with yet another engine riddle ... :) check the pic of my engine .. i know that fuel pipe labelled 'B' ( by me ofcourse, not by haynes or anyone ) is just like first 3 injectors, if you count 1st from the left side... and pipe 'B' also looks perfectly placed..

before i ask the real question which is about Fuel Pipe Labelled 'A' .. let me give a little background of how the confusion occured.. i had my injectors cleaned up few days back .. i left the car at the garage and when the job was done i went to the garage and drove it back ...

Now i was just having a look at my oil and coolent level when i noticed this weirdly hanging PIPE 'A' it just dont make any sense :confused: or does it? :eek:

I'd appreciate if someone could tell me if this is how its supposed to be ? i mean if there is something else which is supposed to be there instead then i can go back to garage and ask for it ..may maybe a bolt perhaps, as far as wat i am thinking of .. cuz just this this half pipe/blocked with a metal piece and going no where doesnt feel ok :confused:

Any suggestions? :D


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