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General Someone give me advice?


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Jun 22, 2005
West Lothian, in the sticks
Ive currently got my wee broken Cinq SX in red, and was planning either to upgrade the engine, and fix everything which would cost me a bit, or buy a Ford Escort (dont hate me for swearing). I was gonna go for the bigger car so i can help my band out shifting gear about.
Then just when I was swaying towards the ford option, found a possible cinq for a replacement. P reg SX, Imola blue, sporting alloys, £50 :eek: all it needs is a replacement headlight and the front bumper re-attached (possibly the back bumper too). So that is majorly tempting me, but how practical will it be for putting band equipment in the back? the car comes with long MOT and Tax, so im severley tempted :D
I managed to fit a couple of rather large amps, a bass, a guitar, mixing desk and two other people into my car.

With the seats down, theres loads of room.

In the back of Alexs car we had an engine hoist, punto engine, spare cylinder head, tools, and still spare space.
if you lower the seats you can get quiet alot of stuff in there, i took 4 peoples stuff to leeds in the summer with no trouble....

if your moving amps and stuff theyll obviously be heavier though so keep that in mind

you sure theres nothing else wrong with it? 50 quid sounds mint :D
im sure theres nothing else wrong, but im going to go give it the once over first of all. he swears on his life that the only body work damage is the wing just behind the drivers side headlamp, he reversed a trailer into it and thats what caused the damage. would there be any problems with re-fitting the front bumper because it would be better done before i drove it the 70 miles home :eek:
the 3 brand new tires, recent tax and mot cost him a wee bit, just hopefully he forgets this if i hand over the £50 :p
is the damage to the inner or outer wing?

With regards to weight, my car runs on 175/50/r13's and is a sporting lowered 60mm (so lowered 80mm compared to a normal S/SX) and i didnt have any trouble with arches catching.
its damage to the outer wing, but level with the top of the headlight. the bumper got knocked slightly, so he took it off, just needs put back on (i hope :eek: ) the usual gear we'd need to take would be 2 guitar amp heads, bass amp combo, a few guitars, drum hardware and the rest of the band can walk :p
ah, outer wing is ok then. reftting bumper should be easy enough to re-attach even if the mounts are damaged, it can be bodged on for the drive home.
Turns out the guy has now popped it on ebay, and is lookin for a lot more. the wing would need sorted out before a bumper could be fitted (or it looks like it from the pics) and the front bumper needs a couple of mounts fiberglassed back on. also the rear bumper is knacked. back to square one it seems as ive not got the cash that he wants and to do the work:bang:
I really wish i never buggered my leg when rallycinq offered me his for breaking:bang: