soapy joes car wash is ace.

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soapy joes car wash is ace.

Oct 11, 2003
buxton the land that time
just visited a soapy joes car wash for first time was amazing well worth the £7.50 :D first they sprayed some stuff on me wheels. then soaped car all up with hot soap from a jet wash . then used brush to loosen all the dirt. then came out the hot jet wash done all car with that, thought woo looks nicer already then :eek: i moved it to second area. were they hand washed the whole car with these fluffy soapy mits. washed all the wheels with this sponges, even opened the doors and wiped the inside sills. then car was rinsed with warm water from hoses. i noticed they had little spray bottles they gave a few squirts onto car at this point as they rinsed it imagine must be a rinse aid. then ):D still not finihsed :D) i drove under this thing wich sprayed sums wax over it. then threw the dryers "slower you go better we blow" as the sign said lol. finally stopped outside guy chammeyed any left over water off car, wiped all windows dry and mirrors. gave car once over and i was on me way :D

car hasnt looked this shiny in ages. will have to go there again.:D
i think they maybe a chain soap joes american style had car wash.

they do full valeting aswel i just had basic wash.

edit just had a very quick look on the net and cant find a site for them soo maybe they arnt a chain after all. this one was in noriwch
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