General Smokey diesel sorted diy

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General Smokey diesel sorted diy


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Nov 4, 2003
United Kingdom.
Hi Guys
Thought I would post this for benefit of others who may have a smokey Uly.

Mine was black smoke on start up and accelleration, quite a cloudful James Bond would be impressed.

I took the air mass regulator off the air box and cleaned it with brake cleaner spray and used a cotton wool bud to carefully clean the heat strips. They were covered in soot and a film of oil.

Then opened the diesel filter and drained off the contents and added Forte diesel cleaner neat (available on e bay) replaced the filter.
Started the engine and revved it high to see it belch out a huge plume of black smoke which stained the roadway.
Took it out for a blast and now it runs totally without any smoke and is more responsive.

Hope this helps as it was a cheap fix rather than replacing the air mass reg and injectors.
Fingers crossed it stays clean.