Technical Smoke in the morning?

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Technical Smoke in the morning?


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Dec 6, 2005
I'm not sure if it' just down to the air temp in the morning but I usually leave my car to tick over on the drive for a couple of mins before setting off to let it warm up. the last week or so It's been smoking quite badly whilst ticking over, when I drive off it clears up within a mile or so and is fine for the rest of the journey. Could this be over fueling? or something more serious? The smoke is half way between blue and white and is fine on full boost. the car is totally standard.

Any advice appriciated, thanks.
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This is normal as the condensation from the exhaust from being stood overnight burns off. Usually the coupe will smoke if the turbo seals are shot, but you say once warmed up a little it stops smoking so thats not so bad as if the seals (is that the mammal ?) were shot as the oil thinned you would chug out even more smoke.

The car does over fuel until it has warmed up a bit anyway. I think thats normal. I wouldnt worry too much about it unless you start looking oil, keep your eye on the dip stick as you should always do with a coupe. Book reckons you can go through a litre ever 600 miles. Mine never did though.

Sounds ok to me.

You best bet is to visit, they have a whole gang of experts just waiting to pounce on posts like this. Its like a competition, who can get in there first to show of thier coupe knolegde. Try it, its quite amusing really :D + they are a great bunch.
Hey thanks for the speedy reply and putting my mind at rest. I was quite worried. strange I never noticed before as I've had the car about 6 weeks now and I've seen a bit of condensation smoke but this just seems a bit thicker.. I always check my oil and water every couple of weeks at least and it does bur a bit but nothing out of the ordinary for a turbo car.

thanks again :)
I wouldn't worry about it. No need to let it idle for a couple of minutes first - it generates barely any heat like that. As long as it's not smoking when hot, it sounds fine.
Ok That´s my first time here....and my english it´s not so good.I have a Marea Turbo here in Brasil and my engine is the same of the Fiat Coupe there in England, 2.0 20V Turbo and i have a problem that i can´t recognize....My car when i stop for 1 minute or more he start´s to make a blue smoke that i know is an oil burning but no one knows what´s RPM is 500 to 750 and when stop in 750,stop also the smoke.....Who can help me??
oil seeals might of gone it maybe smoking all the time only noticable at stand still. that could be one reason
Get someone to hold a piece of paper over the exhaust and give it a blip. If you get, very obvious, flecks of brown oil on the paper you know your turbo seals are shot. It's not a major problem and something you can live with if you can handle the increased cost in oil.

Midland Turbo do a good price on refurbs, but this would be an ideal time to upgrade to a nice hybrid turbo if you are planning to go down the modding route...