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General smelly heater - air con


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Sep 2, 2007

The 100 HP has a strange smell when the heating is on, like a burning smell.
Has anyone else had this problem when new ?

Trip back to the stealers is due on Saturday, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar problem.

put my heating on for first time yesterday & yes it stinks of burning paint so I would think its normal & smell will go after a couple of days use
My heater smells a bit like a vacuum cleaner, but it goes away after a few minutes.
Yeah, my Panda also got that smell when you turn the heater on.
And that is because Fiat claims that after 19 seconds the heater will blow som warm air into the interior. There fore Fiat uses a heating spiral like in a hair dryer. There is the smelly air from.

It's there for about 15 till 20 seconds and then it's gone.
So it is just the heating spiral that is heating up!
yes my a/c smells for the first few minutes of operation, then either I get used to the smell, or it goes I would say in my case its bacteria from the water condensation when using the a/c. Cant find anything to clean unfortunately...(n)
It stinks to high heaven for the 1st 7 seconds. So usually, I have the windows down when I switch it on. Some are saying that the best method to kill those bacteria is to blast your heater at max for 10mins and keep the windows up...

Have tried that, and it only works for a certain period of time. After that, them bacteria is back! :(
I tried yesterday the heater and i almost vomit, i tried this today and again the same.. Its not for the first 7 or 10 or 50 seconds but the whole time.
I will continue to use it now that is quite hot outside and i can have my windows down. I am praying my 100HP to cure its self cause i hate dealerships..
Have you checked the pollen filter? One of the reasons mine stink to high heaven was due to the previous owner not changing it for the past 2 years. When i DID change it... let's just say, shocking isn't strong enough to convey what i saw! :)